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Who We Are

PositionLab was founded by principal Bill Weil out of a commitment that marketing is best performed with a solid foundation including the right positioning.  “I’ve seen too many companies spend their money branding the wrong image... or fielding a sales force that lacked the right tools to successfully convince prospects that their companies' products and services were the best choice.  I want to help small and mid-sized organizations avoid these costly mistakes.”


Over the past 22 years, Bill has held the senior-most marketing position in five different organizations.  Over the past three years, he ran the marketing department for a computer services company that grew from relative obscurity to become the region's fastest growing company over that period of time, according to the Pittsburgh Business Times.


He has led seminars throughout the US and abroad, been featured in numerous large trade publications, and is a frequent guest on The American Entrepreneur radio program.


"I'm fun to work with and I really enjoy what I do.  I cannot imagine having a marketing conversation with anyone, anytime, where they're not going to get value out of it.  As far as implementation is concerned, I do a lot of things well, but there are people that do a lot of things better than I.  I've spent 22 years working with many gifted professionals.  Based on your needs, I'll bring them in."



Click here to see Bill's great positioning article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette!



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